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Our Kids Manifesto

  • We love Jesus and we love kids.

  • We are committed to keeping everyone safe.

  • Helping kids to know Jesus, become more like him, and do the things he did, is our joy.

  • Kids can ask as many questions as they like.

  • Decent biscuits always - digestive biscuits are forbidden because no one likes them.

  • Some kids have disabilities or other challenges and we will go the extra mile to include everyone.

  • Our team chooses messy activities even if they're a nightmare to clean up. 

  • We want kids to love being with us, so our activities are fun, engaging, deep and rich.

  • Kids church is never just babysitting while the adults have all the fun.

  • Not all kids are the same so we have variety in our activities.

  • We know that kids grow up and grow out of things they used to love, so our stuff will be age-appropriate and stretching.

  • We're raising kids for faith and ministry now, not just for when they grow up.

  • We're not into shushing kids in church.

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